Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Protect your iPad with Quirky's Cloak! Cloak is a sleek, sturdy case for the Apple iPad with a modern design resembling that of an office folder.
The Cloak is constructed from non-slip rubber, with durable plastic on the hinge mechanisms. The iPad slides into the case through a top opening and is held in place by a sturdy friction grip. It can be positioned to sit on a flat surface in both portrait and landscape positions. Here’s how:
Portrait: fold the Cloak’s front cover behind the iPad. Use the plastic support brace located on the product’s inside cover to prop up the iPad screen vertically.
Landscape: open Cloak’s front cover and use it to prop up the iPad’s screen from behind. Depending on your viewing preference, the cover can click into different angles by pressing a button on the hinge.

The Apple iPad is scheduled to arrive in stores on April 3. Don’t delay – purchase Cloak today!

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