Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stem Garden - Fresh Herbs In Your Kitchen

   My idea for a different kind of stackable herb garden was a winner.  Please help us get Stem Garden to threshold by committing to one today!

       Grow fresh herbs by any windowsill with Stem Garden, an elegant indoor/outdoor planting system designed over 24 hours by Quirky’s global community of influencers. This product’s unique design was inspired by the refined simplicity of champagne flutes.
In addition, Stem Garden features:
- Bendable goose-neck “stems” that allow you to position your plants most effectively for direct sunlight, without moving the entire unit.
- Removable terra-cotta cups, for easy planting and maintenance.
- Removable terra-cotta drip pan, which allows for easy disposal of excess water.
- Internal overflow protection system that allows excess water to drip down the removable planter cups through the stem into the included drip pan (subject to further design feasibility review).
This product will also come with an easy-to-use herb starter kit, with a variety of seeds and a set of simple instructions.

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