Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stem Garden - Fresh Herbs In Your Kitchen

   My idea for a different kind of stackable herb garden was a winner.  Please help us get Stem Garden to threshold by committing to one today!

       Grow fresh herbs by any windowsill with Stem Garden, an elegant indoor/outdoor planting system designed over 24 hours by Quirky’s global community of influencers. This product’s unique design was inspired by the refined simplicity of champagne flutes.
In addition, Stem Garden features:
- Bendable goose-neck “stems” that allow you to position your plants most effectively for direct sunlight, without moving the entire unit.
- Removable terra-cotta cups, for easy planting and maintenance.
- Removable terra-cotta drip pan, which allows for easy disposal of excess water.
- Internal overflow protection system that allows excess water to drip down the removable planter cups through the stem into the included drip pan (subject to further design feasibility review).
This product will also come with an easy-to-use herb starter kit, with a variety of seeds and a set of simple instructions.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Click N Cook

The Essential Utensil

Click 'n Cook is a modular spatula system that keeps all your essential utensils in one easy place. The set features a stainless steel storage block, a sturdy ergonomic handle, and five detachable spatula heads:

Classic flat spatula
Long flexible slotted spatula (for cooking fish)
Extra-wide slotted spatula (for flipping burgers)
Flexible mixer (for mixing batter)
Slotted spoon (for stirring pasta)

Just snap the attachment into the handle, cook up a storm and release with a click of a button when you’re done. Organizing your cooking supplies has never been easier! CLICK HERE TO BUY!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Protect your iPad with Quirky's Cloak! Cloak is a sleek, sturdy case for the Apple iPad with a modern design resembling that of an office folder.
The Cloak is constructed from non-slip rubber, with durable plastic on the hinge mechanisms. The iPad slides into the case through a top opening and is held in place by a sturdy friction grip. It can be positioned to sit on a flat surface in both portrait and landscape positions. Here’s how:
Portrait: fold the Cloak’s front cover behind the iPad. Use the plastic support brace located on the product’s inside cover to prop up the iPad screen vertically.
Landscape: open Cloak’s front cover and use it to prop up the iPad’s screen from behind. Depending on your viewing preference, the cover can click into different angles by pressing a button on the hinge.

The Apple iPad is scheduled to arrive in stores on April 3. Don’t delay – purchase Cloak today!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quirky's Wrapster

These things are pretty cool. They are pretty cheap if you get them now....

With Quirky's Wrapster, you can say good-bye to tangled earbud headphones -- we've created the ultimate cord management solution! The Wrapster’s unique design allows you to wrap your cords vertically, which means more convenience and less bulk.

Other features include:

- A compact 4" tall shape.
- A fun design made of firm but bendable lightweight rubber material.
- Two sizable holes at the top of the product for storing individual earbud units.
- A “q” (for quirky!) integrated into the design, which flexes out so you can clip the Wrapster to your shirt pocket.
- A slot on the base to hold the end of the cord in place when it’s wrapped up.

With the Wrapster, you’ll finally be able to wrangle the tangle out of your earbud headphones!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Petal Drops: Recycle. Reuse. Rewater.

Petal Drops are pretty awesome. A lot of people forget that these things were cranked out by Quirky in under 24 hours! Can you believe that! This community has got some spirit, and so do Petal Drops! Petal drops look like a flower from above, and below it screws on to any size pop bottle. You set Petal drops in the garden next to the plants and they naturally funnel rain water into any bottle you screw it onto.

I just wanted you all to know about the amazing new product about to hit threshold from the community at!